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When to Use the D86 Beam Width Measurement Method

Although the clip level method and the second moment method are the most popular methods of beam width measurement, other beam width measurement techniques such as the D86 method can be used with beam profiling cameras. Rather than using the 1D or 2D profile of the beam to determine the width, the D86 method uses the diameter of a 86.5% power enclosure as the beam width. In this blog post we describe the D86 beam width measurement method and the applications for which it is most appropriate.

Tutorial: Interfacing to C++ in Visual Studio 2013

It is our pleasure to announce a new Visual C++ tutorial for interfacing DataRay Camera and Slit Scan Profilers using the DataRay OCX. The DataRay OCX is an ActiveX component that can be accessed from a variety of Windows based environments. It includes ActiveX controls that allow users to build an interface that is capable of sending and receiving data from the DataRay software. The OCX is automatically generated and registered with the Windows operating system upon installation of the standard DataRay software. Complete documentation of the DataRay OCX is available for reference. Before writing an interface using the DataRay OCX, we recommend that you learn to use your beam profiler in the standard DataRay software.