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UV and X-ray Beam Profiling

DataRay offers several solutions for UV and X-ray beam profiling; several of our ISO 11146 compliant scanning slit- and camera-based profilers are UV-sensitive, and we also offer UV converters for cameras.

The ideal solution for your application will depend on the wavelength(s) you’re measuring and whether imaging is required.

X-ray to 400 nm, imaging required

For beam imaging in this range, use a beam profiling camera with a UV converter. These C-mount assemblies offers high damage thresholds, excellent linearity, and lengthy lifetimes.

≥ 190 nm, no imaging required

For small CW beams (under 4 mm), we recommend using a scanning slit beam profiler (with a silicon detector).

≥ 190 nm, imaging required

For imaging with long wavelengths, a UV-capable beam profiling camera is necessary.

The WinCamD-LCM-UV's CMOS sensor is uniquely equipped to remain stable as low as 266 nm. Our other UV-capable cameras are stable at 355 nm, but at 266 nm and lower, the silicon detector may eventually degrade leading to higher dark current and lower sensitivity (but replacement detectors are available through the RMA process).

Figure 1: A C-mount UV converter can add robust UV capabilities to most DataRay visible beam profiling cameras

If you’re unsure which product is most suitable for your application or have the need for something custom, please contact us.

Have questions or need help identifying the right solution for your application?

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