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Annual Recalibration

DataRay offers annual recalibration service for Beam'RBeamMap, and BeamScope series products. Contact DataRay or your local distributor for current recalibration pricing.

  • Beam'R & BeamMap series - Annual recalibration is offered but is not considered necessary unless the head has been subject to physical abuse. The only moving part is the puck on a stepper motor. The ball bearing motor is good for 5 years of continuous operation. The calibration is held in an EEPROM in the head. Puck replacement and recalibration is also available.
  • BeamScope series - The linear probe mechanism does wear with intensive use; therefore annual recalibration is recommended for instruments used regularly in production test environments.

To obtain a calibration request case number (required), a quotation, and a PDF copy of the calibration request form, email [email protected]. Once you receive the PDF form:

  • Complete the form and print two copies. Keep one copy for your records and include one with the shipment. Not providing this form may result in delays in processing your calibration.
  • Include all parts of your system so that we can test them, and perform any upgrades, as a system. Please ensure you pack your system properly. Mark your RMA number on the outside of the shipping box as well as the packing list.

Ship your system to:

DataRay Inc.
ATTN: Service Department

1675 Market Street
Redding, CA 96001 USA

Our standard target is 4 to 10 business days. Please note that a PO or credit card is required for calibration, and cannot proceed until we receive this information.

If you purchased your system through one of our distributors, and if you obtain and we receive the prior written consent of your distributor, you may be able to save time and shipping charges by returning the unit directly to DataRay.

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