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Large Beam Profiling & Analysis

DataRay's specialized beam profiler systems are unique solutions inspired by our customers' needs and applications. The unique Large Beam Profiling System (LBPS) is an ideal solution which utilizes a transmissive-screen and a reimaging lens to perform ISO 11146 compliant measurement and analysis of beams with up to 200 mm of image area.

Why Large Beam Profiling & Analysis?

Understanding and analyzing large beams is essential for the following reasons:

  1. Quality Control: In industrial applications, such as laser cutting and welding, the quality of the beam directly impacts the quality of the final product. Profiling and analyzing the beam ensure that it meets the required specifications.
  2. Safety: High-power laser beams can be hazardous. Profiling helps in identifying any aberrations or irregularities in the beam profile that might pose safety risks to personnel and equipment.
  3. Optimization: Large beams can be optimized to enhance their performance. Profiling and analysis help in identifying areas for improvement and fine-tuning the beam's characteristics.
  4. Scientific Research: In scientific experiments, particularly in fields like physics and materials science, understanding the properties of large beams is essential for accurate data collection and analysis.

Techniques for Large Beam Profiling & Analysis

Several techniques are commonly used for profiling and analyzing large beams:

  1. Beam Profilers: Beam profiler devices, such as CCD cameras or scanning slit profilers, capture the spatial intensity distribution of the beam. This data is used to construct the beam profile.
  2. Power Meters: Power meters measure the total power of the beam, providing insights into its overall intensity. This is crucial for safety and power calibration.
  3. Beam Splitters: Beam splitters divide the beam into smaller parts for analysis. This allows for the measurement of different properties of the beam, such as power and spectral characteristics.
  4. Interferometers: Interferometers use interference patterns to measure phase and amplitude information of the beam, offering insights into its wavefront quality.


Large Beam Profiling & Analysis finds applications in various industries and research areas:

  1. Industrial Manufacturing: Used in laser cutting, welding, and drilling processes to ensure precise and efficient operations.
  2. Medical Devices: Ensures the safety and efficacy of medical laser systems used for surgeries and therapies.
  3. Materials Processing: Used in heat treatment and surface modification of materials.
  4. Scientific Research: Critical for experiments involving high-power lasers, optics, and spectroscopy.
  5. Astronomy: Profiling large telescope beams is essential for astronomical observations.


Large Beam Profiling & Analysis is a fundamental process that plays a crucial role in quality control, safety, and optimization in various industries and scientific research. Understanding the properties of large beams ensures their proper utilization and contributes to advancements in technology and scientific discovery.

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