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Focus Measurement

If you need to measure beam focus, DataRay's ISO 11146 compliant beam profilers are an ideal solution. Our products provide multiple options for focus measurement.

Direct Measurement - Beam Profiling Cameras

Our beam profiling cameras:

  • Are suitable for a wide variety of focus spots:

    • 32 μm or larger for wavelengths of 190 to 1350 nm

    • 150 μm or larger for wavelengths 1350 nm to 2 μm

    • 170 μm or larger for wavelengths of 2 to 16 μm

  • Provide accurate diameter measurements, 2D images, and profiles

Direct Measurement - Scanning Slit Beam Profilers

Alternatively, our scanning slit beam profilers:

  • Are suitable for focus spots 2 μm or larger for wavelengths of 190 to 2500 nm

  • Provide accurate diameter measurements and summed X/Y profiles

Measurement with Reimaging or Magnification

If you aren't able to perform a direct measurement, DataRay's Industrial Laser Monitoring System (ILMS) is a great solution. The ILMS is a highly-customizable system designed for high power focus measurements that require reimaging or magnification. It consists of a reimaging system with integrated high-power beam sampler and supports integration with a power meter for real-time power measurements in the DataRay software alongside your beam profile.

Figure 1: DataRay's Industrial Laser Monitoring System was designed to highly customizable to meet each customer's unique needs

If you’re unsure which product is most suitable for your application or have the need for something custom, please contact us.

Have questions or need help identifying the right solution for your application?

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