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NIR, SWIR, & Telecom Beam Profiling

DataRay's ISO 11146 compliant beam profiling cameras and scanning slit beam profilers include several suitable for near-infrared (NIR), short-wavelength infrared (SWIR), and common telecommunication wavelengths (particularly 1550 nm).

≤ 1350 nm

Several of our camera-based systems have specific configurations (e.g., WinCamD-LCM-1310) that are suitable for operation up to 1350 nm. This solution has relatively low sensitivity but full CMOS resolution.

Figure 1: a typical beam profile using a WinCamD-LCM

1480 to 1610 nm

Certain DataRay beam profiling cameras are available in NIR capable configurations suitable for profiling in the 1480 to 1610 nm range. These represent very affordable alternatives to InGaAs array cameras, but possess certain inherent spatial resolution and non-uniformity issues due to the phosphor coating used to accomplish NIR sensitivity (described in the data sheet).

Figure 2: a typical 1550 nm beam profile using a WinCamD-LCM-TEL with a phosphor-coated sensor (note the graininess compared to the beam profile in Figure 1)

350 to 2000 nm

DataRay's unique WinCamD-QD series beam profiling cameras use a colloidal quantum dot-based sensor to achieve a broad range of coverage.

  • WinCamD-QD-1550: covers 400 to 1700 nm, optimized for 1550 nm (an important telecom wavelength)
  • WinCamD-QD-2000: covers 250 to 2000 nm, optimized for 2000 nm (approaching
Figure 3: a 1550 nm source profiled with the WinCamD-QD-1550 (note the higher resolution vs the beam profile in Figure 2)

650 to 1800 nm

DataRay's scanning slit beam profilers (with InGaAs detectors) offer high sensitivity and XY (BeamR2) or XYZΘΦ (BeamMap2) profiling.

Figure 4: typical XY profiles from a Beam'R2

If you’re unsure which product is most suitable for your application or have the need for something custom, please contact us.

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