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Real-time XYZΘΦ Profiling

Looking to measure XYZΘΦ positions and profiles in real-time? DataRay's BeamMap2 is the ideal solution. A multiple Z-plane scanning slit beam profiler, the BeamMap2 that has been used in applications ranging from flow cytometry to laser printing. It’s particularly when needing to focus multiple production assemblies in real-time to the same position with accuracies as tight as ±2 μm.

Thanks to its unique multiple Z-plane design, the BeamMap2 simplifies the process of determining the pointing of a laser. While laser alignment typically involves an iterative process of moving a single-plane measurement device forward and back on a stage, the BeamMap2 simplifies this process by providing this information in real-time with no stage required.

What Can You Measure?

In the near-field, you can measure the diameter, focus X/Y/Z position, divergence, pointing, and even a reliable M² value (measured in four planes rather than the ISO-designated ten). In the far-field, you can measure the diameter, X/Y centroid position, divergence, and pointing. All these measurements are provided in real-time.

With the BeamMap2, alignment and optimization are quicker and easier than ever.

Figure 1: The BeamMap2 series profilers provide real-time measurement of divergence and pointing
Figure 2: The BeamMap2 series profilers provide real-time M2, beam waist diameter/location, Rayleigh length, pointing, and divergence

If you’re unsure which product is most suitable for your application or have the need for something custom, please contact us.

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