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Pulsed Lasers and Auto-Trigger Mode

Pulsed Lasers |November 21, 2016

This is the first entry in a series of blog posts that explore DataRay’s pulsed laser measurement capabilities. This blog post will review how capturing pulsed lasers with a camera beam profiler differs from capturing CW lasers, and how the additional challenges with pulsed lasers are handled to provide useful measurements with the software’s Auto-Trigger mode.

Flat-Top Beams and Plateau Uniformity Calculations

Beam Profiling Concepts |February 26, 2016

A flat-top beam (otherwise known as a top-hat) is used in various applications where a controlled profile is desired (i.e. a uniform density across the irradiated surface). Passing a Gaussian beam through special optics will create the flat-top beam and is the most common way of generating a flat-top beam. Uniform excimer beams are used in many material processing applications (e.g. creating integrated circuits). Industries such as welding, drilling, and medicine also make extensive use of flat-top beams.

Image Degradation Diagnosis and Filter/Sensor Cleaning

Application Notes |January 21, 2016

Although DataRay does not recommend cleaning beam profiling camera sensors due to the delicacy of the parts, cleaning may become necessary if dirt is interfering with the quality of laser beam profiling measurements. If the user decides to clean the sensor, we recommend extreme caution as user-damaged sensors are not covered by the camera’s three-year warranty.



Application Notes |March 9, 2014

We've posted a new application note for our new WinCamD-LCM beam profiling camera regarding its high Signal to Noise Ratio (SNR).

Viewing Application Notes

4 of 4 Posts