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Viewing DataRay Software

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Beam Profiling for Small Beam Widths or Spot Size

Beam Profiling Concepts |September 14, 2015

Beam width or spot size is an important parameter to identify in selecting the optimal beam profiler. Scanning slit beam profilers are ideal for measuring small Gaussian beams.

DataRay OCX: Documentation

DataRay Software |April 13, 2015

We are pleased to announce full documentation of the DataRay OCX. This documentation provides all necessary information about the functions accessible through Component Object Model interfaces across languages.


Examples: BeamMap and BeamR2 Interfaces to Python

Interfacing |March 23, 2015

As promised, we now have an example interface for the BeamR2 and BeamMap scanning slit profilers written in Python.


Tutorial: WinCamD Interface to Python

Interfacing |March 9, 2015

We have written a tutorial which explains how to use Python with our WinCamD beam profiling camera. Now you can have all the power of the DataRay software with the convenience of Python.

Viewing DataRay Software

10 of 10 Posts