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Tutorial: WinCamD and BeamMap2 Interface to Labview

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Examples: BeamMap and BeamR2 Interfaces to Python

Interfacing |March 23, 2015

As promised, we now have an example interface for the BeamR2 and BeamMap scanning slit profilers written in Python.


Interfacing MATLAB with DataRay Beam Profilers

Interfacing |June 6, 2016

We are proud to announce a new tutorial on interfacing MATLAB with our beam profilers. An interface to MATLAB is useful given the variety of data processing toolboxes MATLAB provides.


Tutorial: Interfacing to C++ in Visual Studio 2013

Interfacing |August 31, 2016

It is our pleasure to announce a new Visual C++ tutorial for interfacing DataRay Camera and Slit Scan Profilers using the DataRay OCX.


Tutorial: WinCamD Interface to Python

Interfacing |March 9, 2015

We have written a tutorial which explains how to use Python with our WinCamD beam profiling camera. Now you can have all the power of the DataRay software with the convenience of Python.

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