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CMOS vs. CCD Sensors

Beam Profiling Cameras |March 29, 2016

CMOS and CCD image sensor technology was developed in the 1960s. Although for the last forty years CCD sensors have dominated the market, improvements in CMOS sensor design have catapulted them to a growing market share and the CMOS seems poised to replace the CCD in many applications.

DataRay CMOS Cameras and UV Light

UV |October 10, 2016

Although in the past DataRay CMOS beam profiling cameras were listed with a wavelength range of 355-1350 nm due to assumed sensor deterioration by short wavelength light, recent testing has demonstrated the CMOS sensor can image ultraviolet (UV) light down to 266 nm without sensor degradation; in this blog post we describe the test results.

Image Degradation Diagnosis and Filter/Sensor Cleaning

Application Notes |January 21, 2016

Although DataRay does not recommend cleaning beam profiling camera sensors due to the delicacy of the parts, cleaning may become necessary if dirt is interfering with the quality of laser beam profiling measurements. If the user decides to clean the sensor, we recommend extreme caution as user-damaged sensors are not covered by the camera’s three-year warranty.

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