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March 23, 2015

Examples: BeamMap and BeamR2 Interfaces to Python

As promised, we now have an example interface for the BeamR2 and BeamMap scanning slit profilers written in Python. As with the WinCamD laser profiler, this interface only needs a 32-bit version of Python (Python 2.7 would be best), comtypes, and wxPython. For these example interfaces to work perfectly, you must also download the most recent version of the DataRay software.

In the previous post, we mentioned several Python packages which would be useful for working with the raw data. Scipy bundles the libraries mentioned earlier to provide functionality comparable to MATLAB. There are many resources for those considering a transition from MATLAB to Python’s Scipy such as this guide to the equivalent expressions in Python. Many professionals in academia and industry prefer open-source software.

If you would like to develop an interfaces in C++, Visual Basic, Labview or Python, you can find tutorials and example interfaces to our beam profilers in the interfacing section of our website. In other news, we will soon have a complete guide to the DataRay OCX. The documentation will include everything you need to know to get the most out of the OCX.

Posted by: John Cadigan