DataRay Blog

January 25, 2023

Come see us at SPIE BiOS and Photonics West 2023!

Come visit DataRay Inc. at SPIE BiOS (booth 8150) and Photonics West (booth 3150)!

In addition to our flagship offerings, come see what's new! Check out demos showcasing our unique products, including the following new products:

NEW Industrial Laser Monitoring System (ILMS)

The ILMS is designed for profiling focused, high-power industrial lasers. This system combines reimaging/magnification optics, a polarization preserving beam sampler, and a DataRay beam profiler to measure small beam waists which would otherwise damage a traditional profiling system. Magnification of the focused beam allows full pixel-by-pixel 2D measurements of beam spots as small as a few microns. The ILMS is compatible with most DataRay profilers and supported by DataRay’s full featured software which has no license fees, unlimited installations, and free software updates. The software automatically accounts for the magnification of the system, so results do not require post processing or corrections.

NEW DataRay Power Meters

DataRay, in collaboration with Laser Point srl, is proud to announce a new line of power meters for absolute power and energy measurements. Simultaneous power and beam profiling measurement are now possible in DataRay’s software. It is perfect for applications including: CW and pulsed laser measurements, field servicing of laser systems, R&D, OEM integration, quality control, and simultaneous power/beam profiling measurements.

NEW WinCamD-GCM GigE Vision 1" CMOS Beam Profiling Camera

Using the same sensor as the WinCamD-LCM (11.3 x 11.3mm active area, 4.2Mpixels, 5.5 x 5.5µm pixels, global shutter), the WinCamD-GCM utilizes GigE Vision for longer-range applications (cable lengths up to ~100m). The WinCamD-GCM is paired with DataRay’s full-featured software which offers a comprehensive set of beam profiling measurements including diameter, centroid, orientation, ellipticity, relative fluence, and more. The software contains measurements defined in ISO standards 11146, 11145, and 13694.

Stop by our booth and chat!

Our team of beam profiling experts has years of experience in the industry, and would be happy to discuss the various aspects of your unique application for M² measurements, beam diameter measurements, or other laser beam profiling questions with you. Our knowledgeable application engineers are eager to review your beam profiling application. Have a non-standard system? We are always interested in solving problems by designing custom solutions and unique systems. Come by our booth to learn how we can support your application!