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January 25, 2017

Come see us at SPIE BiOS and Photonics West 2017!

Come visit DataRay Inc. at SPIE BiOS (booth 8410) and SPIE Photonics West (booth 1840) in San Francisco. Stop by to see what's new, get a demonstration of our newest software features, and check out demos showcasing our unique products, including the following:


DataRay will be previewing our next product: the WinCamD-IR-BB beam profiling camera. The WinCamD-IR-BB is an imaging solution for lasers in the MWIR and FIR range, covering a wavelength range of 2-16 µm. With 17 µm pixels and an integrated shutter, the WinCamD-IR-BB offers unparalleled beam profiling capability for these wavelengths. With a signal to noise ratio that exceeds 1000:1, the WinCamD-IR-BB can make ISO11146-compliant beam measurements. The microbolometer-based camera features very high sensitivity, and the integrated shutter allowing for fully automated non-uniformity correction.

NEW! Line Laser Profiling System

Looking to profile a line laser? DataRay will be showing our newest product offering: Line Laser Profiling Systems. These systems are able to measure beams as long as 200 mm and as thin as 55 µm. Want to learn more? Ask us about these exciting new systems at our booth.


The WinCamD-LCM4 beam profiling camera is our flagship laser beam profiler. This CMOS camera provides high resolution images with a global shutter and a high frame rate. When mounted to a DataRay translation stage, it provides an excellent option for finding the M² and divergence values of a beam. Additionally, this M² system is able to both determine M² and analyze the modal content for complex non-Gaussian beams.

Often, our customers wish to look at multiple beams simultaneously. We offer both a multi-beam mode—multiple beams imaged on one camera—and a multi-camera mode, in which several beam profiling cameras run contemporaneously. Even in multi-camera mode, DataRay’s software can calculate clip level or ISO11146 diameters, ellipticity, plateau uniformity, centroid locations, and more in real time. At our booth, our engineers will be demonstrating how to use two of these beam profiling cameras concurrently.


Our compact BeamMap2 takes real-time M² beam measurements without a translation stage. We will showcase how this patented M² system is able to accurately and instantaneously profile a laser beam at multiple locations along the beam’s axis of propagation. Additionally, we use a 1550 nm beam—outside the wavelength range of a camera based M² system—to demonstrate our beam profiling solution at this challenging wavelength range. We will also be on hand to explain customization options. We have several options available for accurately measuring difficult to access beam waists.

Stop by our booth and chat!

We have years of experience in the field of beam profiling, and would be pleased to discuss the various aspects of M² measurements, beam diameter measurements or other laser beam profiling questions with you. Our knowledgeable application engineers are eager to review your beam profiling application. Have a non-standard system? We are always interested in solving problems by designing custom solutions and unique systems. In fact, some of our most popular products originated from customer requests... yours could be next!

Posted by: Rocco Dragone