Technical Support

We Are Here to Help

Whether you have an instrument problem or a technical inquiry, our aim is to assist you as quickly and effectively as possible. Our objectives are to:

  • Get you up and running again as soon as possible.
  • Minimize the number of calls you need to make.
  • Minimize time to handle the issue.
  • Minimize costs — yours and ours!

We can frequently solve problems over the phone, or at least identify the problem well enough to minimize turnaround time on returned equipment (and hopefully reduce the number of items that need to be returned).

Quick Fix Tip: Load Defaults

  • Light – You can reset the software interface to its default configuration by selecting File > Load defaults
  • Full – If the above method does not resolve your issue, you can fully reset the software by holding down the Shift key while launching the application

Common Issues

  • Installation Problems – Review the Installation section.
  • Software Updates – We recommend you run latest software version available for your product
    ⁃ For current products, visit the Downloads section
    ⁃ We no longer provide updates for legacy products, but you can download the final software version on the Compatibility page
  • Other Problems – If you can, please document your problem, including steps required to reproduce it. Consider what, if anything, has changed since the instrument last worked correctly. Whenever possible, create data files for use in troubleshooting. To do this, if running, click Stop, then select File > Save > Save current data. The resultant file contains additional data and can tell us much more than simple screen images.

What if I Have a Crisis?

If you have a production line down due to equipment failure, or another time-sensitive crisis, we will do our best to minimize your downtime.

How Do I Contact Support?

Please email us at or call +1-530-395-2500, option 2.