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  • Real-time XYZΘΦ Profiling & Alignment

Real-time XYZΘΦ Profiling & Alignment

DataRay's patented BeamMap2 is a multiple Z-plane scanning slit beam profiler capable of measuring XYZΘΦ positions and profiles in real-time. It has seen applications in areas such as flow cytometry and laser printing where it is necessary to focus multiple production assemblies to the identical position in real time to accuracies of as tight as ±2 μm. These systems provide massive time savings over other single-plane beam profiling cameras and scanning slit beam profilers.

Laser alignment typically requires an iterative process of moving a single-plane measurement device forward/back on a stage to determine the pointing of a laser. The BeamMap2 simplifies this process by providing this information in real-time with no stage required. In the near-field the diameter, focus X/Y/Z position, divergence, pointing, and even M² can all be measured in real-time. In the far-field the diameter, X/Y centroid position, divergence and pointing can be measured in real-time. This patented device makes alignment and optimization quick and easy for anyone!

Figure 1: The BeamMap2 series profilers provide real-time measurement of divergence and pointing


Figure 2: The BeamMap2 series profilers provide real-time M2, beam waist diameter/location, Rayleigh length, pointing, and divergence


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