Pointing Measurement

All DataRay's ISO 11146-compliant beam profilers, including Beam Profiling Cameras and Scanning Slit Beam Profilers, can measure pointing in terms of displacement of the beam centroid over a known distance from the source.

Figure 1: Beam Wander is tracked in the DataRay software


In particular, the patented BeamMap2 can measure pointing in mrad in real-time based on the change in the centroid position as the beam passes through multiple planes in Z. The pointing range and accuracy depends upon the plane spacing.

DataRay's M2DU translation stages measure pointing in mrad directly by tracking the centroid during an M2 or divergence measurement on the stage.

Figure 2: BeamMap2 series devices measure pointing directly as Pt_X and Pt_Y during M2, divergence, and other measurements


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