MWIR and FIR Beam Profiling

DataRay's ISO 11146-compliant beam profilers cover a broad range of IR wavelengths, up to 16 µm:

  • 190 nm - 2.5 µmBeam'R2 and BeamMap2 dual detector products with extended range strained layer InGaAs detectors offer high sensitivity and XY and XYZΘΦ positions and profiling on beams 2 mm diameter and below.

Figure 1: The Beam'R2 and BeamMap2 offer beam profiling but not imaging

  • 2 - 16 µm – the unique WinCamD-IR-BB with 17 µm pixels offers versatile IR profiling. With accessories, this camera can handle powers up to 150 W. It is not suitable for the direct measurement of tightly focused cutting beams. However, it is very suitable for the measurement of quantum cascade lasers. Smaller beam focuses can be measure with accessories.

Figure 2: High resolution measurement of a 3.39 um laser with ~700 um diameter

If you are unsure as to which is most suitable for your application, please contact us or filter by your application criteria.