About DataRay

Our Mission is to Advance the
Technology of Laser Beam Analysis

We develop standard and custom laser beam characterization
solutions that exceed customer expectations.

Founded In


We were the first to market with

  • Beam profiling software for Windows
  • Windows 95 compatible CCD beam profiling cameras
  • Software control of CCD electronic shutter
  • Micron capable, linear scan, dual-mode Slit/Knife Edge beam profilers which fully meets the ISO 11146 standard for beam profiling instruments
  • Compact multi-plane scan heads for focused beams, collimation and M² measurement
  • 14-bit ADC digital Megapixel CCD beam profiling cameras
  • USB 2.0 port-powered beam profiling cameras
  • Windows 7 support

Our Team

  • Steve Garvey

    Founder & CEO

  • Joy Garvey

    Founder & Controller

  • Kevin Garvey


  • Rocco Dragone


  • Natalia Garvey


  • Melinda Dragone

    Project Manager

  • Christopher Carnaghe

    Sales Assistant

  • Griffith Feldman

    Software Developer

  • Logan Hatanaka

    Sr. Sales Engineer

  • Jesse Laboy

    Purchasing Agent I

  • Brett Makeham

    Assembly/Electronics Technician II

  • Tyson Randall

    Application Engineer

  • Calvin Sanford

    Assembly Technician II & Team Coordinator

  • Annemarie Van Parys

    Production Manager

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