Please note the following:

  • Product firmware is embedded in an EEPROM.
  • A firmware upgrade may offer incremental improvements in device performance and/or correct other identified issues.
  • Firmware upgrades are free for in-warranty products, but customers are responsible for two-way shipping.
  • When contacting us for an RMA number, please include your product name/model number as well as its serial number. Failure to include this information will result in delays.
  • If you purchased your system through a reseller/distributor, they may be able to perform the upgrade for you – please contact DataRay first to confirm.
Product Latest Firmware Revision Update Method
WinCamD-LCM 10 Via software
WinCamD-IR-BB 4 Via software
TaperCamD-LCM 10 Via software
WinCamD-UCD12 8 RMA
WinCamD-UCD15 5 RMA
WinCamD-UCD23 6 RMA
WinCamD-FIR2-16-HR 2 RMA
BladeCam-HR 5 RMA
BladeCam-XHR 5 RMA
TaperCamD-UCD12 8 RMA
TaperCamD20-15-UCD23 6 RMA
Beam'R2 4 (2 for SN 6231 and lower) RMA
BeamMap2 4 (2 for SN 6231 and lower) RMA
BeamScope-P7U & -P8 (with P8-IF) 1 RMA

For current (i.e., non-legacy) products, you can identify the current version of firmware by connecting it to your computer and running the DataRay software. In the upper-left corner of the screen in the green Ready/Running box you will see the product's ID followed by a period and a number (e.g., "Ready #1 ccd_12.7"). The number after the period is the firmware version on your device. In the image below, the product is a UCD12 running firmware version 7.