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Systematic Error in ISO 11146 Measurements

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Flat-Top Beams and Plateau Uniformity Calculations

Beam Profiling Concepts |February 26, 2016

A flat-top beam (otherwise known as a top-hat) is used in various applications where a controlled profile is desired (i.e. a uniform density across the irradiated surface). Passing a Gaussian beam through special optics will create the flat-top beam and is the most common way of generating a flat-top beam. Uniform excimer beams are used in many material processing applications (e.g. creating integrated circuits). Industries such as welding, drilling, and medicine also make extensive use of flat-top beams.


When to Use the D86 Beam Width Measurement Method

Beam Profiling Concepts |September 15, 2016

Although the clip level method and the second moment method are the most popular methods of beam width measurement, other beam width measurement techniques such as the D86 method can be used with beam profiling cameras.

Small Beam Width Theoretical and Experimental Error

Beam Profiling Concepts |March 14, 2016

One of the most important measurements in laser beam profiling is the beam width measurement. A common question we see is “How small of a beam can I measure with this camera?”

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