Power Meter

Product ID: PM-CC-5-D12

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Laser Power Meters

DataRay, in collaboration with Laser Point srl, is proud to announce a new line of power meters for absolute power and energy measurements. Simultaneous power and beam profiling measurement are now possible in DataRay’s full featured software which has no license fees, unlimited installations, and free software updates. It is perfect for applications including: CW and pulsed laser measurements; field servicing of laser systems; R&D; OEM integration; quality control; and simultaneous power/beam profiling measurements.

System Features

  • Maximum average power up to kWs
  • Resolution as low as 100 μW
  • Damage resistant coatings (up to 4 kW/cm2 @ 5 kW)
  • Absorber spectral range 0.19-11 μm
  • Apertures up to 40 mm
  • Passive and active cooling options
  • USB connectivity
  • NIST traceable calibration
  • Compatible with DataRay profilers for simultaneous power and profiling measurements


  • Absolute power measurements
  • Field servicing of lasers and laser-based systems
  • Parallel monitoring of laser beam power and profile
  • Industrial laser monitoring
Sample ModelsAbsorber Spectral Range (μm)Max Average Power (W)Minimum Average Power (mW)Aperture Diameter (mm)Resolution (mW)Cooling
PM-CC-5-D120.19-11510120.1Passive cooling via heatsink
PM-FA-50-D300.19-115050301Forced air cooling via fan
PM-FA-600-D400.19-116005004010Forced air cooling via fan

Product specifications are subject to change without notice

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