Polarization Preserving Beam Sampler

Product ID: PPBS-UV-FS

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High power beam sampler with SM1 threads, dual wedges, polarization insensitive

The Polarization Preserving Beam Sampler (PPBS) uses a dual wedge design to sample a small percentage of a beam’s power for laser beam profiling applications. The PPBS samples the reflections from two orthogonal wedge windows to safely reduce the power of high intensity light while preserving the original polarization of the input beam and eliminating the effects of multiple reflections from each air-glass interface.

Wedge options

  • UV-FS: 190 nm - 2200 nm
  • BaF2: 200 nm - 11 µm
  • CaF2: 200 nm - 8 µm
  • ZnSe: 600 nm - 16 µm


  • High damage threshold
  • Clear aperture: 17.5 mm
  • Sampled percentage: 0.02%-3.75% (model and wavelength dependent)
  • Available BeamTrap for beams to 50 W (higher powers possible with custom residual beam handling)
  • Available post mount kit

* requires BeamTrap, sold separately

Wedge material optionsUV-FS
Damage ThresholdSee Damage Threshold App Note
Clear aperture (mm)17.5
Wavelength rangeUV-FS: 190 nm - 2200 nm
BaF2: 200 nm - 11 µm
CaF2: 200 nm - 8 µm
ZnSe: 600 nm - 16 µm
Sampled percentage0.02%-3.75% (model and wavelength dependent)
Optical path length50 mm
Available optionsBeamTrap for beams to 50 W
Adjustable post mount kit

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