Industrial Laser Monitoring System

USB 3.0
Product ID: ILMS-5-UV

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High Resolution Focus Imaging – High Damage Threshold (Up to 1* kW)

The ILMS is specially designed for profiling focused, high-power industrial lasers. This system combines reimaging/magnification optics, a polarization preserving beam sampler, and a DataRay beam profiler to measure small beam waists which would otherwise damage a traditional profiling system. Magnification of the focused beam allows full pixel-by-pixel 2D measurements of beam spots as small as a few microns.

The ILMS is compatible with most DataRay profilers and supported by the full-featured, highly customizable, and user-centric software (included without licensing fees). The software automatically accounts for the magnification of the system, so results do not require post processing or corrections.


  • Options from 190nm up to 16 μm
  • Beam waist diameters down to a few μm
  • High magnification options available (50X and beyond)
  • Capable of measuring high power beams, up to kW range possible
  • Three swappable filters for flexible attenuation
  • Profiler easily removed from system for stand-alone use
  • Optional calibrated pinhole aperture denotes working distance and helps provide protection against damage from beam misalignment
  • Available without beam sampler for focused, low power beams
  • Integrated power meter options (contact us for more information)


  • Tightly focused beams, fiber ends, edge couplers, laser diodes, and more
  • High power laser cutting systems
  • Telecommunications
  • Quality control

* Supported beam diameter and power limits are model-dependent. Please contact us to discuss options for custom requirements.

Please note:

This product requires 64-bit Windows 7, 8/8.1, 10, or 11

MagnificationILMS-5-X: 5x
ILMS-10-X: 10x
ILMS-50-X-: 50x
AR Coating Wavelength (nm)ILMS-X-UV: 250-425
ILMS-X-VIS: 425-675
ILMS-X-532: 532
ILMS-X-NIR: 750-1550
ILMS-X-1064: 1064
Input Optics NAILMS-5-X: 0.17
ILMS-10-X: 0.17
ILMS-50-532-: 0.6
ILMS-50-1064: 0.65
System Dimensions (mm)ILMS-5-X: 70.00 x 133.25 x 176.30
ILMS-10-X: 70.00 x 133.25 x 252.50
ILMS-50-X: 70.00 x 133.25 x 328.70
Typical minimum beam waist diameter (1/e², um)ILMS-5-X: 11
ILMS-10-UV: 5.5
ILMS-10-VIS: 5.5
ILMS-10-NIR: 9
ILMS-50-532: 2
ILMS-50-1064: 3
Integrated Beam Profiling CameraILMS-X-UV: WinCamD-LCM
ILMS-X-532: WinCamD-LCM
ILMS-X-1064: WinCamD-LCM
Pixel Count, H x VWinCamD-LCM: 4.2 MPixel, 2048 x 2048
Optical FormatWinCamD-LCM: 1"
Image AreaWinCamD-LCM: 11.3 x 11.3 mm
Pixel DimensionWinCamD-LCM: 5.5 x 5.5 µm
Shutter TypeWinCamD-LCM: Global
Max. Frame Rate*WincamD-LCM: 60 Hz
Single Pulse Capture PRRWinCamD-LCM: USB 2.0 @ 6.3 kHz; USB 3.0 @ 12.6 kHz
Signal to RMS NoiseWinCamD-LCM: 2,500:1 (34 dB optical / 68 dB electrical)
Electronic Shutter RangeWinCamD-LCM: USB 2.0 @ 12,600:1 (41 dB), USB 3.0 @ 25,000:1 (44 dB)
ADCWinCamD-LCM: 12-bit
Measurable SourcesWinCamD-LCM: CW beams, pulsed sources; CW to 12.6 kHz with single pulse isolation
Measured Beam PowersModel dependent, contact
Manual Beam AttenuationIncludes ND-1, ND-2, and ND-4 filter inserts
Displayed ProfilesLine, 2D & 3D plots. Normalized or un-normalized.
Linear or Logarithmic, Zoom x10
2D, 3D in 10, 32 or max. colors or grayscale
Contoured display at 10 and 32 colors
Measured & Displayed Profile ParametersRaw and smoothed profiles
Triangular running average filter up to 10% FWHM
Beam DiameterDiameter at two user set Clip levels
Gaussian & ISO 11146 Second Moment beam diameters
Equivalent diameter above a user defined Clip level
Equivalent Slit and Knife Edge diameters
Beam FitsGaussian & Top Hat profile fit & % fit
Equivalent Slit profile
Beam EllipticityMajor, Minor & Mean diameters. Auto-orientation of axes.
Centroid PositionRelative and absolute
Intensity Weighted Centroid and Geometric Center
Beam Wander Display and Statistics
Measurement Accuracy (not limited to pixel size)0.1/M µm processing resolution for interpolated diameters (where M is magnification)
Absolute accuracy is beam profile dependent - ~1/M µm accuracy is frequently achievable (where M is magnification)
Centroid accuracy is also beam dependent (as good as ±1/M µ since it is arithmetically determined from all pixels above the centroid clip level) (where M is magnification).
Processing OptionsImage & profile Averaging, 1, 5, 10, 20, Continuous.
Background Capture and Subtraction.
User set rectangular Capture Block for capture
User set or Auto ellipse Inclusion region with beam tracking for processing
*.ojf files save all WinCamD custom settings for particular test configurations
Pass/Fail displayOn-screen selectable Pass/Fail colors. Ideal for QA & Production.
Log Data and StatisticsMin., Max., Mean, Standard Deviation, to 4096 samples
Relative Power MeasurementRolling histogram based on user's initial input. Units of mW, µJ, dBm, % or user choice (relative to a reference measurement input)
FluenceFluence, within user defined area
CertificationRoHS, WEEE, CE
Multiple CamerasUp to 4 cameras, parallel capture.
1 to 8 cameras, serial capture.
Optical depth from housing/filter to sensor (no window) ±0.2 mm4.0/ 8.5 mm (verify before purchasing)
MountingM6 and M3 mounting points
Weight‚ Camera w/ MagND and filter cover5 lbs (2kgs)
Minimum PC RequirementsWindows 7/8/8.1/10/11 64-bit, 4 GB RAM, USB 2.0/3.0 port

* Capture block size dependent
Product specifications are subject to change without notice

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