TaperCamD-LCM – Large Area CMOS Beam Profiler

USB 3.0
Product ID: S-TCD-LCM

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25 x 25 mm CMOS Beam Profiler System, 355 to 1150 nm

Port-powered USB 3.0


  • 355 to 1150 nm, standard CMOS detector
  • 4.2Mpixel, 2048 x 2048 pixels, 25 x 25 mm active area
  • 12.5 µm pixels (effective)
  • HyperCal™ – Dynamic noise and baseline correction software
  • Port-powered USB 3.0; flexible screw locking 3 m cable; no power brick
  • 12-bit ADC, on-board microprocessor
  • Window-free sensors standard for no fringing
  • 25,000:1 electronic auto-shutter, 79 µs to 2 s
  • 2,500:1 SNR
  • Global shutter, optical/TTL trigger
  • Isolated pulse triggering and parallel capture


  • CW and pulsed laser profiling
  • Field servicing of lasers and laser-based systems
  • Optical assembly & instrument alignment
  • Beam wander & logging
Please note:

This product requires 64-bit Windows 7, 8/8.1, or 10

Wavelength355 to 1150 nm
Pixel Count‚ H x V4.2 MPixel‚ 2048 x 2048
Image Area25 x 25 mm
Pixel Dimension12.5 x 12.5 µm effective
Min. Beam (10 pixels)~125 µm
Shutter TypeGlobal
Max Frame Rate*60 Hz
Single Pulse Capture PRRUSB 2.0: 6.3 kHz
USB 3.0: 12.6 kHz
Signal to RMS Noise2,500:1 (34 dB optical / 68 dB electrical)
Electronic Shutter RangeUSB 2.0: 12,600:1 (41 dB)
USB 3.0: 25,000:1 (44 dB)
Measurable SourcesCW beams‚ pulsed sources; CW to 12.6 kHz with single pulse isolation
Software configurable Auto-trigger‚ Synchronous & Variable Delay
Measured Beam PowersSee Charts
Manual Beam AttenuationIncluded 2" NDXL-1‚ NDXL-2‚ NDXL-4 Neutral Density filters. Other OD values available.
Displayed ProfilesLine‚ 2D & 3D plots. Normalized or un-normalized.
Linear or Logarithmic‚ Zoom x10
2D‚ 3D in 10‚ 32 or max. colors or grayscale
Contoured display at 10 and 32 colors
Measured & Displayed Profile ParametersRaw and smoothed profiles
Triangular running average filter up to 10% FWHM
Beam DiameterDiameter at two user set Clip levels
Gaussian & ISO 11146 Second Moment beam diameters
Equivalent diameter above a user defined Clip level
Equivalent Slit and Knife Edge diameters
Beam FitsGaussian & Top Hat profile fit & % fit
Equivalent Slit profile
Beam EllipticityMajor‚ Minor & Mean diameters. Auto-orientation of axes.
Centroid PositionRelative and absolute
Intensity Weighted Centroid and Geometric Center
Beam Wander Display and Statistics
Measurement Accuracy (not limited to pixel size)0.1 µm processing resolution for interpolated diameters.
Absolute accuracy is beam profile dependent - ~1 µm accuracy is frequently achievable.
Centroid accuracy is also beam dependent (as good as ±1 µ since it is arithmetically determined from all pixels above the centroid clip level).
Processing OptionsImage & profile Averaging‚ 1‚ 5‚ 10‚ 20‚ Continuous.
Background Capture and Subtraction.
User set rectangular Capture Block for capture
User set or Auto ellipse Inclusion region with beam tracking for processing
*.ojf files save all WinCamD custom settings for particular test configurations
Pass/Fail displayOn-screen selectable Pass/Fail colors. Ideal for QA & Production.
Log Data and StatisticsMin.‚ Max.‚ Mean‚ Standard Deviation‚ to 4096 samples
Relative Power MeasurementRolling histogram based on user's initial input. Units of mW‚ µJ‚ dBm‚ % or user choice (relative to a reference measurement input)
FluenceFluence‚ within user defined area
CertificationRoHS‚ WEEE‚ CE
Multiple CamerasUp to 4 cameras, parallel capture.
1 to 8 cameras, serial capture.
Head Dimensions‚ Width x Height x Depth2.25 x 2.25 x 2.13” (57 x 57 x 54 mm)
Optical depth from housing/filter to sensor (no window) ±0.2 mmTBA mm (TBA mm with NDXL filter)
Mounting1/4-20 thread
Weight‚ Camera w/ NDXL and filter coverTBA oz (TBA g)

Product specifications are subject to change without notice



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